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A Night To Remember [Monday. November, 2006|03:24 pm]
[frame of mind |horny]

The club was crowded. Young, ‘urban’; type patrons, flocks of them, even my husband was there. But I had my gaze fixed on one, and one alone. She was wearing tight jeans and a tight green tank top. She looked like a woman should look. Like something out of a magazine. I had never felt sexier, a tight, sheer tank top with an empire waist with thin straps. My post natal breasts were spilling out so that others barely noticed my short skirt and long flowing hair. 

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A Rendezvous... Part Two [Friday. October, 2006|08:59 am]
[frame of mind |relaxed]

Here is part two to this lovely little story! (If you havent read part one yet, read the post below!)

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A Rendezvous... Part one [Tuesday. October, 2006|07:07 pm]
[frame of mind |horny]
[sweet sounds of... |Tool - Stinkfist]

A friend of mine asked me to write him a story about what I would do to him if we were alone together... So I was inspired. This is a story for him, for me, for all of you too...

Enjoy! This is only part one.

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(no subject) [Sunday. September, 2006|10:39 am]
[frame of mind |naughty]

Last night was a really hot night...

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(no subject) [Friday. September, 2006|12:53 pm]
[frame of mind |accomplished]

Last night I tried something new all by myself.

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my fantasy. [Wednesday. September, 2006|07:16 pm]
[frame of mind |horny]
[sweet sounds of... |Fiona Apple - Window]

I use to fantasize about being with my brother-in-law. I dreamt about taking him by surprise in his bedroom while the rest of his family was downstairs watching tv. I could see his reation in my head and it made me feel so wet.

The best part of the fantasy was, what would have happened if it actually happened? Would we look at eachother across the dinner table and see in eachothers eyes what we and we only knew? The secret of it all makes it sexy.

I once woke up to find him looking at me in bed with his brother. My husband was sleeping, but I was awake and my breasts were bared. He stared at me for some time, while I pretended to be asleep. That was the start of my fantasy.
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Lets get to know you... [Wednesday. September, 2006|06:23 pm]
[frame of mind |curious]
[sweet sounds of... |Back Door Man - Howlin' Wolf]

So since we are just starting out, I thought an ice-breaker would be nice.

Let us get to know eachother a little better...

I would like to hear what everyones best sexual fantasy is.

So let get started:

My biggest sexual fantasy is to be with two men at the same time. Its a very simple one, but its something that I am really interesting in having happen. Of course though, I do have many other fantasies, and perhaps I will share those aswell one day.
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(no subject) [Wednesday. September, 2006|05:22 pm]
[frame of mind |amused]
[sweet sounds of... |ice Sarah]

This is going to be fun! Can't wait to see what everyone has to share.
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Pop [Wednesday. September, 2006|02:23 pm]
Mmmm.....I love poping cherries.  Always so much fun.

Glad to be a part of a new community. :)  Not very good at starting topics lol   Many kinks, many fetishes..right now....trying to figure out how to take my soft fluffly purple bunny from Easter and make it so I can add something a little special on him. *wink*
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(no subject) [Wednesday. September, 2006|02:07 pm]
[frame of mind |good]
[sweet sounds of... |Snake River Consperacy - More Than Love]

Hello to everyone who has joined!
We cant wait to play with all of you...

Be patient, we are new. 
But I do encourage all of you to begin posting in it as soon as you wish, I think we just need to have the cherry broken... 
be my guest, pop it!

If you have any questions please refer to the rules at the info page or feel free to ask.

Your mods are:

Myself, persephone_thea and the sweet sexahlilthing.
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